html emotions


Feelings wrapped up in cute manageable packages

I AM TAKING AN HTML CLASS and I love it. Let me explain that I am a woman comprised of conflicting opposites.  If I was a cake, I would be marble.  Or better yet, a chocolate cake with a vanilla pudding center.  I crave creativity and spontaneity, and yet I am addicted to predictability and the illusion that I can control my tiny little world.  I am anal retentive yet rebellious.   I love change and I hate change.  I accept who I am and please get me out of this skin.  I desire the unknown and I want a formula that will explain everything.

Take emotions.  Sure, it’s great to embrace your emotions, experience catharsis, accept your feelings as organic, blah, blah, blah.  But what if we could easily change our feelings or make them go away?

I propose that we should use html to program our emotions.  I imagine, for example, that anxiety would look something like this:

<emote type=”anxiety” degree=”high” express=”outward” action=”scream”></emote>

And then I could simply go in and change it to something more like:

<emote type=”contentment” degree=”medium” express=”internal” action=”smile”></emote>

Oh, yes, this could be good.  I think I’m on to something.  Any thoughts on this one?

-Amelia Sauter