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dog therapy

2 Nov

by Amelia Sauter copyright 2011

When providing psychotherapy, one must be sensitive to differing cultural norms.

and the winner is….

4 Aug

A LOT OF GREAT CAPTIONS for the Death cartoon were submitted last week:  20 on the Ithaca Post, and an additional four here at DrinkMyWords.com.  Picking a winner was both entertaining and challenging. So challenging, in fact, that we have two winners, one from each website.  Check out the two captions below the cartoon, and you’ll see why we chose them both and not just one:

"I'm so tired of playing dead. Can't we play catch? Please?" -AND- "Ugh, I'm too tired to play fetch. How about we just play dead?"


Congratulations to Emily and Colleen!  Emily, send me your snail mail address.  Colleen, I know where you live.

Though not chosen as the winners, some of the other Ithaca Post staff favorites included:

“Bargaining won’t work; I’m a cat person.”

“I know it’s not much, Bowzer, but I can bring home more once business picks up again.”

“Don’t give me that look; my femur is not a toy!”

“I like your initiative, Spike, but the basic idea here is to collect the bones while they’re still attached.”

Thank you to everyone for participating, and let’s do it again soon.

-Amelia Sauter

caption contest

27 Jul

- your caption here -

WRITE YOUR OWN CAPTION! You’ve always wanted the opportunity to laugh in the presence of Death; here’s your chance. The winner will receive a limited edition A Year Full of Death Calendar 2011 filled with cartoons made by me, Amelia Sauter. I know, I know, there’s only five months left in 2011 but it’s the only merchandise I’ve created so far. And since only 20 calendars were printed, someday it could be worth a lot of money on eBay.

All captions should be submitted via comments on this blog post or the blog post at www.theithacapost.com by midnight on Sunday, July 31. Please, don’t be too funny or you’ll make me look bad.

cartoon of the week: dog of christmas

22 Dec


by Amelia Sauter copyright 2010

Happy Holidays from me to you! Remember, cocktails are the reason for the season.

Here’s three Christmas drink recipes on my cocktail blog, Felicia’s Speakeasy: the White Christmas Cosmopolitan, and the Eggnog Martini, and the Eggnog Latte Martini:





-Amelia Sauter

cartoon of the week: 11/23/2010

23 Nov


by Amelia Sauter copyright 2010

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