how to neglect your blog for two years

Step 1:  Get really busy. Bake a batch of vegan cupcakes at the cocktail lounge you own and sell all of them in under two hours. Bake a second batch immediately and sell all of those before you leave for the night. After that, bake every day for the rest of your life to keep the vegans happy.

Step 2: Start serving brunch at the cocktail lounge and make the food really, really good so you can’t ever have a day off.

Step 3: Get tired of all the drunks and of staying up until 3am every night, and close the cocktail lounge permanently even though it is an extremely popular place and everyone will hate you for it.

Step 4: Five days after you close, find out your wife has breast cancer.

Step 5: Spend a year at your wife’s side while she is in cancer treatment.

Step 6: As if cancer wasn’t enough, open a brand new restaurant with your wife while she is smack in the middle of her treatment.

Step 7: Congratulations! You have successfully neglected your blog, your friends, and everything else.